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Bug#50341: libc6 installs binary packages: please split.

>Berkeley DB v2, in its original upstream version, is shipped in packages
>like libdb2, libdb2.6 and libdb2.7, which represent the old version, the
>"upstream-stable" version and the "upstream-beta" version.
>All these different versions are splitted in a huge number of packages,
>including  libdb2*-util which includes the same binaries above, exept
>db_printlog, which is a debugging utility and should be shipped with a
>-dev or -dbg package.
>libc6 ships with a _forked_ version of the upstream package.
>libc6 is marked "required".
>Therefore the original upstream packages cannot anymore be installed on
>potato systems.
>My first suggestion would be to ask for moving those programs into a
>libc6-db2-utils package that I can conflict and replace.
>What's your opinion?

I've spent a few days pondering this issue, and I think that alternatives
are the best way to handle this.

Alternatively, I can install the programs as glibcdb_* and leave the db_*
namespace to you.
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