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Re: grass: rules for images

On 2016-04-11 12:36, Martin Landa wrote:
I am able to build on Lauchpad `grass-daily` package using updated
debian files. There is one issue. When updating `grass-daily`, the new
package tries to remove `grass` package. I cannot find it in control
files, there is only:

Breaks: grass (<< 6.4.2-1~)

But my grass package is 7.0.3. Any idea where could be a problem?
Packages `grass` and `grass-daily` should be possible to install in
parallel. Thanks, Martin

Both the grass package in Ubuntu and the grass-daily package from the PPA Conflicts/Provides/Replaces grass7, so the PPA packages wants to replace with package from Ubuntu.

The Conflics/Provides/Replaces were added to the official Debian package to avoid breakage when the PPA packages are used. You should remove the Conflicts/Provides/Replaces grass7* fields from the PPA package.

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