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Re: grass: rules for images

On 04/09/2016 06:39 PM, Martin Landa wrote:
> 2016-04-09 18:25 GMT+02:00 Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl>:
>> Like a couple of instances of coding in the future, and effort I must
>> applaud :-)
>>  -(C) 2014 by the GRASS Development Team
>>  +(C) 2014-2017 by the GRASS Development Team
> I fixed this typo in trunk.


>> Generation of the class_graphical documentation isn't working correctly,
>> it currently generates empty files.
> Do you mean `graphical_index.html` ? Martin

No, class_graphical.html and the manpage created from it:

 # Remove empty files
 find debian/tmp/ -type f -empty -name "class_graphical*" -print -delete

There is a related TODO in man/Makefile:

 # TODO: this should be done in the same way as category_rule
 $(HTMLDIR)/class_graphical.html: $(ALL_HTML)
         $(call build_class_graphical)
         touch $@

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