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Re: grass: rules for images


2016-04-09 11:51 GMT+02:00 Martin Landa <landa.martin@gmail.com>:
> there is no exact list of changes. That was main reason why I was
> proposing to move from static list of files to loops if possible. I
> understood that it's hardly possible.

the main difference in gui image files is in `gmodeler` dir. This
change has been backported to relbr70 [1], so upcoming release 7.0.4
will be affected.

I looked at this issue in detail and all these files seems to be
result of wrong make rule in GRASS source. I fixed that in trunk [2].
I am NOT going to backport it because I am not completely sure about
all side-effects.

In result image file links will need to be updated for GRASS 7.0.4


[1] https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/changeset?reponame=&new=67832%40grass%2Fbranches%2Freleasebranch_7_0%2Fgui%2Fwxpython%2Fgmodeler&old=67784%40grass%2Fbranches%2Freleasebranch_7_0%2Fgui%2Fwxpython%2Fgmodeler
[2] https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/changeset/68227

Martin Landa

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