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Re: GDAL 1.11.4/2.0.2

On 05-02-16 19:22, Even Rouault wrote:
> Regarding the circle dependencies, we just had a discussion on #postgis IRC 
> and a potential solution would be for GDAL not to directly link to spatialite.
> GDAL only depends on 3 spatialite symbols (the rest of the dependency is done 
> through SQL) : spatialite_init_ex() (spatialite_init() for ancient versions), 
> spatialite_cleanup_ex() (spatialite_shutdown() for ancient versions) and 
> spatialite_version().
> So potentially GDAL could call them through dlopen() / dlsym() symbol loading, 
> similarly to what is done with the dependency to proj (actually GDAL supports 
> both standard linking mode and dynamic linking). The annoying thing is that 
> you must know the name of the shared object. On Linux  "libspatialite.so".  
> Mac: "libspatialite.dylib" likely. On Windows, I guess the name depends on 
> whether spatialite is compiled with MSVC, mingw or cygwin
> I might have a look at implementing that during the OSGeo code sprint.

Thanks, that sounds good!

In the mean time we got rid of the circular dependency by removing the
liblwgeom dependency from spatialite.

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