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Re: GDAL 1.11.4/2.0.2

On 05-02-16 17:11, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> The biggest blocker for the next gdal transition has been removed. I've
> just uploaded spatialite (4.3.0a-5) without the dependency on liblwgeom
> to untangle the spatialite->postgis->gdal->spatialite circular dependency.

With the upload of spatialite (4.3.0a-5) to unstable we can now rebuild
the reverse dependencies with gdal (1.11.4+dfsg-1~exp1). I'd like to
transition to GDAL 1.11.4 first, because the GDAL 2.0 packages will have
to pass the NEW queue again causing delays. Once we have 1.11.4 in
unstable, I'll prepare the transition to 2.0 and upload the latest to

Because of the postgis->sfcgal->openscenegraph dependency chain, it's
important to rebuild openscenegraph with the new gdal before rebuilding
postgis, otherwise the old gdal will be used during the postgis build.

osrm (4.9.1+ds-1~exp1) only needs to be rebuilt in experimental.

All reverse dependencies rebuilt successfully with GDAL 1.11.4 now that
circular dependency is out of the way. I'll request the transition slot
shortly, and do another round of rebuilds with 2.0.2.

Transition: gdal

 libgdal1i (1.11.3+dfsg-2) -> libgdal1i (1.11.4+dfsg-1~exp1)
 libgdal.so.1-1.11.3       -> libgdal.so.1-1.11.4

The status of the most recent rebuilds is as follows.

 dans-gdal-scripts (0.23-4)                           OK
 fiona             (1.6.3-1)                          OK
 gazebo            (6.5.0+dfsg-2)                     OK
 gmt               (5.2.1+dfsg-3)                     OK
 imposm            (2.6.0+ds-2)                       OK
 libcitygml        (2.0-1)                            OK
 liblas            (1.8.0-7)                          OK
 libosmium         (2.5.4-1)                          OK
 mapcache          (1.4.0-4)                          OK
 mapnik            (3.0.9+ds-1)                       OK
 mapserver         (7.0.0-9)                          OK
 merkaartor        (0.18.2-5)                         OK
 mysql-workbench   (6.3.4+dfsg-3)                     OK
 ncl               (6.3.0-6)                          OK
 node-srs          (0.4.8+dfsg-2)                     OK
 openscenegraph    (3.2.1-9)                          OK
 osmium            (0.0~20160124-b30afd3-1)           OK
 osrm              (4.9.1+ds-1~exp1)                  OK
 postgis           (2.2.1+dfsg-2)                     OK
 pprepair          (0.0~20150624-82a2019-1)           OK
 prepair           (0.7-4)                            OK
 qlandkartegt      (1.8.1+ds-4)                       OK
 qmapshack         (1.5.1-1)                          OK
 rasterio          (0.31.0-2)                         OK
 saga              (2.2.3+dfsg-1)                     OK
 sumo              (0.25.0+dfsg1-2)                   OK
 thuban            (1.2.2-9)                          OK
 vtk6              (6.2.0+dfsg1-7)                    OK
 xastir            (2.0.6-4)                          OK

 grass             (7.0.3-1)                          OK
 osgearth          (2.5.0+dfsg-8 / 2.7.0+dfsg-1~exp5) OK / OK
 osmcoastline      (2.1.2-1)                          OK
 pktools           (2.6.6-1)                          OK
 pyosmium          (2.5.4-1)                          OK

 libgdal-grass     (1.11.3-3 / 1.11.4-1)              FTBFS / OK
 qgis              (2.8.6+dfsg-1)                     OK

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