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Re: osm-tile-server

Hi Jochen,

Thanks for cleaning up some of the files and for the input!

> I saw you hardcoded the Geofabrik download server in there including a list of
> all regions it has extracts for. That isn't a good idea, because this might
> change at any time. There is a way to get a list of all regions currently
> existing automatically.

The URL to Geofabrik is configurable in /etc/osm-tile-server.conf, but you're
right in that the regions are hard-coded. I don't know if it is even allowed
to download something in the debconf script, but if it is, one solution could be
to show the hard-coded values only if there's no internet connection.

> Please talk to Frederik Ramm at Geofabrik to get
> access to this (frederik@geofabrik.de). You can also talk with him about
> attributing Geofabrik properly somewhere.

Good point. We should have proper attribution to Geofabrik. I was thinking
about this a while ago, but then I forgot about it again... We should
explicitly ask to get permission to use it. (I see now that you're actually one
real Geofabrik'er yourself! :) )
> I don't have the time at the moment to really try it out, but just from a
> quick look at the scripts: You are offering the user a choice on installation
> whether they want download immediately or later. I would remove that choice
> and always do download later. Less choice makes things easier for users.

One of the goals of the package was to be able to have a fully configured
OSM tile server after running "install". For the smaller area extracts, it
is very convenient to just select "now", while for bigger ones, it does of
course make sense to postpone it until afterwards. It's clearly written
that it is recommended to postpone it, but for users who know what they're
doing (like myself hopefully), it's much appreciated to not have to type
in commands afterwards.

> User should probably be encouraged to try things out with a very small extract
> first, before trying something larger.

The user is already offered the option to import Liechtenstein (which
is very small) during the debconf session. I may add some text suggesting to
open a browser to see that Liechtenstein is visible on the map.

> What about diff updates?

I've been thinking about this. And I consider it something that must be
included, but I haven't gotten around to do it yet.

> Do you help users to actually see the results of installing the tile server?
> Often users have to tile-server but don't realize they need a HTML page with
> Leaflet or OpenLayers, too, to actually see those tiles. Maybe at least some
> HTML/Javascript file somewhere they can point their local browser at, so
> they have a starting point.

Very good point. I will look into this.

> debian/man/osm-tile-server.txt: You talk about "rendering engines" here.
> I'd always thought of "Mapnik" being the rendering engine and tilelite or
> mod_tile being the server that calls the rendering engine? Not sure about
> the best terminology here.

I'm not so good with the terminology, so there may very well be many words
to correct in the documentation.

Thanks for such a quick review. I will do something with the things you


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