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Re: Merging GRASS upstream packaging with DebianGIS

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On 28.07.2015 13:52, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> On 28-07-15 13:41, Ivan Mincik wrote:
>> On 28.07.2015 12:49, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>>> On 28-07-15 12:21, Ivan Mincik wrote:
>>>> I am still stuck in a problem. I have changed package name
>>>> to 'grass-daily' and trying to rebuild package using pbuilder
>>>> and git-buildpackage and failing on following problem:
>>>> # install pkg-config file install -m 644 grass.pc 
>>>> debian/grass-daily-dev/usr/share/pkgconfig/grass71.pc
>>>> install: cannot create regular file 
>>>> 'debian/grass-daily-dev/usr/share/pkgconfig/grass71.pc': No 
>>>> such file or directory
>>>> Any ideas ?
>>> If the grass.pc is created during the build you may need to 
>>> create the directory first.
>>> install -o root -g root -m 755 -d 
>>> debian/$(PKG_NAME)-dev/usr/share/pkgconfig
>> Yes, I was thinking about creating dir manually, but I don't 
>> understand why the same 'install' line is working in 
>> 'experimental' branch or in current packaging which upstream is 
>> using (grass7 package). So I was expecting the problem on my
>> side, unless some change of handling  'grass.pc' file was done
>> on upstream side. According GRASS changelog, last change of
>> 'grass.pc' file was done on 2014-11-17.
>>> You can debug which files are available after the build by 
>>> adding a find statement before the install command:
>>> find $(CURDIR) -type f | sort
>>> This will list all files under the source package directory to 
>>> double check if the files the installation expects are really 
>>> available.
>> I was using 'tree' command to inspect files. Everything I have 
>> discovered was that I have only 'debin/grass-daily-dev'
>> directory with no other content inside (no /usr/share/pkgconfig).
>> Who was creating them until now ?
> The directory is created by debian/grass-dev.dirs in the
> experimental branch, you need to rename these to match the -dev
> package name for GRASS 7.1: debian/grass-daily-dev.dirs. Please
> note that you need to rename more than this file for the -dev
> package.

Oh yes !!! That is the problem, I forgot to rename them. Thank you
very much. I will rename these files and push my work.

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