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Re: [Live-demo] Let's bring the OSGeo live packages to debian!


On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 02:01:06PM -0700, maplabs@light42.com wrote:
> Hi All -
>   As I have said before, I believe that a better future can be made
> about by creating an OSGeo-backed repository as a reference source for
> the Live.. 
>   A repository has to have *all* of: long term commitment, public
> trust, and technical execution.
>   I believe that OSGeo can bring together the ingrediants to maintain
> a long-term repository, and crucially, to prepare for new systems in
> the future.. Before responding, please consider these critical factors:
>   * Java is increasingly significant, and has its own ways of dealing
> with community, distributions and versioning, outside of any legacy
> repository systems
>   * Javascript libraries are quickly moving, and related to massive
> browser projects and massive hosting infrastructure,  
> outside of any legacy repositories
>   * as the joke goes, the Debian package format is terrible, except
> that it is better than any other of even-more terrible packaging
> systems. I believe that new innovation in systems will bring lighter
> and more facile ecosystems in the future, and the OSGeo Live should be
> ready for this and embrace it
>   thank you very, very much for the packaging, and, simply pouring all
> results into Debian GIS will not bring about the long-term evolution
> that is being seen now, in my opinion

Thank you very much for your insight which is definitely appreciated.  I
think you are right that we will probably not be able to package
everything.  But what about simply starting with the programs which have
been proved to make sense as packages and are hanging around in certain
repositories outside Debian.  Why not starting creating a packaging
integration platform inside Debian for those programs that are not
affected by your considerations?  I think this could save a lot of
manpower for that software that is actually affected by your doubts and
it is better to start with this now rather than later.
>   once again, please consider these points, all of them, before responding

I never doubted your points but I'm pretty sure that there are several
pieces of good code out there which is not affected.

Kind regards



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