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Re: qmapshack for debian

On 08/05/2014 10:14 PM, Jaromír Mikeš wrote:
> 2014-08-05 20:31 GMT+02:00 Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl>:
>> On 08/05/2014 07:42 PM, Jaromír Mikeš wrote:
>> qmapshack now installing png icon instead of xpm.
>> What is your prefered way for fixing?
> What do you mean by this exactly?
> Sorry I expressed it badly.
> qmapshack always installed png icon, but now when menu file is fixed
> linthian complain about png icon.

Ah yes, the menu specification requires the use of an xpm icon.

The extended lintian description refers to the related documentation:


It's a bit unfortunate, but required for policy compliance at this time.

I suggest to convert the png icon to xpm and install that for policy
compliance. Since the package also installs a .desktop file this can use
the png icon and even svg.

QGIS for instance contains qgis-icon.xpm in the debian directory which
is converted from the SVG in the upstream source, from that SVG icon the
PNG icons for the various sizes are generated too.

The XPM icon is only used in the menu entry for policy compliance. Most
desktops use the .desktop file for which the PNG and SVG icons are used.
The various sized PNG icons are only for those desktops that lack SVG

>> Just commit your changes in git and prepare a new release, upload it to
>> mentors and request sponsorship. Add an entry to the SoB wiki page to
>> notify our awesome sponsor.
> BTW  I think commits still not goes to mailing list.
> And I getting quite wild output when pushing commits.

Right, sorry about that. I forgot to configure git-multimail:

sebastic-guest@moszumanska:/git/pkg-grass/qmapshack.git$ git config
multimailhook.mailinglist pkg-grass-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org

The other git-multimail configuration was automatically added by the
git-commit-notice script.

Kind Regards,


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