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Re: qmapshack for debian

Hi Jaromír,

On 08/05/2014 11:28 AM, Jaromír Mikeš wrote:
> I am taking care about QlandkarteGT package in collab-maint:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/qlandkartegt.git
> QlandkarteGT is GPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr management
> software and at the moment it's having new successor qmapshack from same
> upstream author. (not uploaded yet)
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/qmapshack.git

I wondered why qlandkartegt wasn't maintained under the Debian GIS
umbrella, just as I do for your new qmapshack package.

Therefor I propose that you join the Debian GIS team and move the
package from collab-maint to pkg-grass on Alioth.

Please see the Debian GIS Policy for information on how to join the team:


> I am searching for sponsored upload  of qmapshack  to NEW and later DM
> flag. (I am DM)
> qmapshack package is currently in good shape and ready for upload.

The Sponsoring of Blends initiative by Andreas Tille is working very
well us. This would be my suggestion to get this package sponsored. One
of the prerequisites is that the package is maintained within one of the
Debian Pure Blends.


> pls CC me as I am not subscribed to GIS mailing list.
> best regards
> mira

Kind Regards,


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