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Re: [DebianGIS] Specific packages for SAR and earth observation

On Wed, Dec 08, 2010 at 09:47:23AM +0100, Antonio Valentino wrote:
> I would like a lot to contribute in some manner to the debian project.
> What is expected to do a member of the Debian Blends team?
> (Please fee free to contact me in private if you need.)

I think explaining it in public makes some sense in case others might
like to do it as well.  It's simple:

  1. Ask for a guest account on alioth.debian.org
  2. Once your guest account is created either ask for becoming
     a member of the team
     or ping me in private mail with your guest account name.

This grants you commit permission to SVN and you can edit the tasks
files yourself.  This probably should be mentioned in the doc at


(but once you are a member of the team you can even add a paragraph
about this in case I might forget this. :-) )
> I don't know how strict is the debian policy with respect to this kind
> of solution.

The policy is to use the Debian packaged library instead of a copy
provided with some random source (if possible - there are some
exceptions).  If the needed library is not yet packaged it would be
good style to do this first and link against the packaged library.
The decision what to finally do is not always that straight - just
discuss it here (or on debian-mentors) in case you are unsure.

Kind regards



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