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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: postgis on debian

hi wolfgang,

> For libpostgis-java:
> Arnaud sponsored an upload of libpgjava for me yesterday. This upload
> fixed an important bug with the libpgjava package. To get this into
> sarge asap we uploaded again to contrib.
> However, I achieved building libpgjava with free tools and will do an
> upload to main in the future. But I will wait until the current upload
> of libpgjava will reach testing without problems. If no problems show
> up libpgjava will be uploaded to main in about 10 days and then
> sitting some time in the NEW queue.
thank you wolfgang, this is very good news for me, to have all postgis 
related stuff built with free tools.
the bugfix might well accelerate the release of your build.

> So libpostgis-java can go to main in a longer term - but I don't know
> how long NEW processing for libpgjava will take and when you plan an
> upload for postgis.
roberto and i work together now, and we are quite ready for prime time.
but package acceptance seems to be very slow, for good reasons i

as i believe, since libpostgisjava has no individual reason to be in
contrib, it will move with no problem from contrib to main.

> I will drop a mail here when I get an accepted notice for libpgjava
> into main.
just please let me see your free libpgjava for me to test, even before
being accepted.


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