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keysignings: Debian booth at LinuxWorld, and ...



"main" keysigning gathering at/for LinuxWorld:
noon Th. 2006-08-17 at the Debian booth at LinuxWorld:
free "Exhibits Only" registration is still available for LinuxWorld
through 2006-08-13:
some folks (e.g. Don Armstrong) may also be available at the Debian booth
throughout most or all of the expo hours for keysigning, and possible
additional certifications.
For folks that wish to place their keys there (makes signing a bit
easier for other folks), there's also a listing and keyring
on biglumber.com. (I'll be updating the listing shortly):


Also, Tu. evening, 2006-08-15, at the BALUG meeting, there is
probable to be at least some keysigning.  Note that this is
a dinner meeting ($11.00 USD fee for dinner).  This meeting
also includes featured speaker/presentation (Don Armstrong on Debian),
more details, etc.:
Again, not a "requirement", but folks that would like their keys signed
might want to upload their keys to the keyring covering these events
on biglumber.com.:
(I'll be updating the listing description there, shortly)

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