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Anyone interested in possibly doing a talk/presentation on or related to Debian at BALUG?

Seems we had a bit of a BALUG scheduling communications SNAFU, and as
a result, at least at the moment BALUG doesn't have a speaker/talk
lined up for the 2006-08-15 BALUG meeting - which is one of the days
LinuxWorld will be in San Francisco.

Perhaps some Debian person would be interested and available to do a
talk/presentation on, about, or related to Debian?

BALUG almost always meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month - so if the
2006-08-15 meeting date doesn't work out for any reason, other future
BALUG meeting dates are also generally a possibility.  I don't know
if BALUG has ever done a meeting/talk/presentation specifically
on/about or closely related to Debian, but I at least know BALUG
hasn't specifically done so in relatively recent years.  Anyway,
could also be an opportunity for some more exposure/promotion of

Also, if 2006-08-15 works for a talk/presentation at BALUG, this
might also be made into or part of a "Debian LinuxWorld outing"
event, as has been discussed at least somewhat on the BAD list.

BAD/Debian keysigning has also been discussed a bit (mostly on the
BAD) list - but that might best be coordinated for somewhere at or
closer to LinuxWorld than the BALUG meeting location (which is a
moderate walk away - roughly a 20 minute stroll). EFF and/or some
other group(s)/organization(s) at LinuxWorld might also be interested
in coordinating a joint keysigning event.

Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) http://www.balug.org/
Bay Area Debian (BAD) http://bad.debian.net/
Events with Debian affiliation in North America <debian-events-na@lists.debian.org>

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