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Re: Debian talk/presentation at BALUG(?) / Debian event(s) / keysigning(s)

On Fri, 04 Aug 2006, Michael Paoli wrote:
> Quoting Don Armstrong <don@donarmstrong.com>:
> > On Thu, 03 Aug 2006, Michael Paoli wrote:
> > > Perhaps some Debian person would be interested and available to do a
> > > talk/presentation on, about, or related to Debian?
> >
> > I'll be there during LWCESF and can talk if you're looking for
> > someone; it'd help if people who were planning on attending could give
> > me an idea of what they're interested in hearing about, especially
> > since we're within the two week boundary.
> Are you, in general, relatively local to San Francisco?

Not really, I'm in southern california; it doesn't really bother me
whether I speak or not either way, though.

> Re: Debian event(s)

As far as a meetup, I've no problem advertising one (whether for BALUG
or BAD) at the Debian booth, but someone else has to make a decision
when to meet and where to meet.

> I think last year at LinuxWorld, we had one primary rendezvous
> day/time/location at LinuxWorld for keysigning (I think it was
> either at the Debian, or EFF booth - they were quite close enough
> last year that traversing between the two was trivial), and I think
> there may have also been some alternate time/date/location
> rendezvous for some folks that couldn't make the "main" keysigning
> rendezvous (e.g. I think there was someone from out-of-country that
> could only make exactly one specific date, and it was distinct from
> the "main" keysigning rendezvous).

We can just do a casual keysigning and require everyone to bring as
many gpg signatures as they want keys signed; probably the thursday
the 17th around lunch at the Debian booth would be an ideal time. I'll
of course be avaialble to do signing and CaCert assurance for most of
the time I'm at the booth.

Don Armstrong
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