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Re: Anyone interested in possibly doing a talk/presentation on or related to Debian at BALUG?

On Thu, 03 Aug 2006, Michael Paoli wrote:
> Perhaps some Debian person would be interested and available to do a
> talk/presentation on, about, or related to Debian?

I'll be there during LWCESF and can talk if you're looking for
someone; it'd help if people who were planning on attending could give
me an idea of what they're interested in hearing about, especially
since we're within the two week boundary.
> BAD/Debian keysigning has also been discussed a bit (mostly on the
> BAD) list - but that might best be coordinated for somewhere at or
> closer to LinuxWorld than the BALUG meeting location (which is a
> moderate walk away - roughly a 20 minute stroll). EFF and/or some
> other group(s)/organization(s) at LinuxWorld might also be
> interested in coordinating a joint keysigning event.

This can probably be arranged; the park behind moscone north is
probably the best venue for it assuming we can start at 5 or 6 and
everyone who wants to participate sends their keys to a coordinator
early enough.

Don Armstrong

Junkies were all knitted together in a loose global macrame, the
intercontinental freemasonry of narcotics.
 -- Bruce Sterling, _Holy Fire_ p257

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