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Re: keysigning at LinuxWorld (noon Th. @ Debian booth?)

I'm inclined to agree* - shoot for Th. P.M. for keysigning meet-up
at Debian booth.  Noon* Th. at the Debian booth sounds to me to be as good
a time as any.  If I don't hear objections (like sometime today) I'll
proceed and update the Debian LinuxWorld Wiki page, post it to the
Bay Area keysign list, and update the details on the biglumber.com listing.

"Casual keysigning" works quite well enough, ... but there is also biglumber
listing (with keyring) for those that want to place their keys there (not a
"requirement"), but does make it a bit easier for folks to grab and sign

Quoting Don Armstrong:
> On Fri, 04 Aug 2006, Michael Paoli wrote:
> > I think last year at LinuxWorld, we had one primary rendezvous
> > day/time/location at LinuxWorld for keysigning (I think it was
> > either at the Debian, or EFF booth - they were quite close enough
> > last year that traversing between the two was trivial), and I think

> We can just do a casual keysigning and require everyone to bring as
> many gpg signatures as they want keys signed; probably the thursday
> the 17th around lunch at the Debian booth would be an ideal time. I'll
> of course be avaialble to do signing and CaCert assurance for most of
> the time I'm at the booth.

*"rationale" (my guestimates on optimal or semi-optimal time and place,
anyway):  Later, rather than earlier, allows more time to publicize (e.g.
via sign in Debian, and perhaps also other exhibitors (e.g. EFF) booths),
things tend to wind down a bit on Thursday (so a bit less "competition" with
all the exciting buzz going on in general at the Debian booth :-)),
Expo closes for the event at 4 P.M. Th., so should certainly not be later
than 3 P.M.; noon sounds like a pretty good time to me (some folks might
be ducking out early - like ~ mid afternoon Th.), sounds like there's
at least one person that will only be there Th. and wants to do keysigning:
and (for what it's worth) I can generally be there Thursday afternoon ... but
not between about 1:40 P.M. and 3:20 P.M. (have to go to a work meeting).


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