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Re: nochmals wegen der CD / DVD zum LT

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 09:50:56PM +0100, Sven Hoexter wrote:
> > > Ahh and where do you want to store the iso? AFAIK on the fly creation of
> > > a bootable cd is something quite complex ... ah and don't try to think of
> > > a 650MB ramdisk ;) (Ok I have 1GB RAM in this box here but that is not
> > > average I think)
> > 
> > Why? For the compression utility? In the last version (in Sid), there is
> > a more efficient tool that does not need to keep the whole image in the
> > memory while compressing it.
> I thought that you have to write the whole iso somewhere bevor you can burn it
> but Grisu said something about doing this with pipes. I will look into this
> topic when I did my first steps with the debian-cd stuff - in one or two
> weeks I think ;)

only for the record: You try to make a CD ? (or a DVD?)

Of you make a CD: from the CD-Writing-HOWTO:

  In times where everybody except me owns a 400 Mhz machine, people feed
  the output of mkisofs directly into cdrecord:

       shell> IMG_SIZE=`mkisofs -R -q -print-size private_collection/  2>&1 \
       | sed -e "s/.* = //"`
       shell> echo $IMG_SIZE
       shell> [ "0$IMG_SIZE" -ne 0 ] && mkisofs -r  private_collection/  \
       |cdrecord  speed=2  dev=0,6,0
                   tsize=${IMG_SIZE}s  -data  -
       #       don't forget the s --^         ^-- read data from STDIN

> > > > ok, vielleicht sind meine Erfahrungen wirklich was einseitig, wenn ich
> > > > hier so großen Wiederspruch bekomme.
> > > or you just lost the view of the averrage user ;) I think I've lost it too
> > > but my (girl)friend brings me back to the roots sometimes.
> > 
> > Ack. An average user wants hardware detection, a simple short selection
> > of idiot-proof packages with idiot-proof defaults. Something Knoppix and
> > Mandrake can provide, but Debian cannot.
> Well using pgi might be an option but that is something I ignore for the
> moment.
> If you have more experience and would like to do it feel free :) I will play
> with it anyway for my own pleasure when I know the basics.

I don't know pgi, but run this on old hardware? 

IMHO debian don't use pgi and we make/have a new debian installer.
Should we use this new framework for the CD?

If somebody have problems with pgi, nobody can help and I don't know any
german 'pgi-guide' for the CD...

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