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Re: debian esperanto booth possible?

Mandi! sylvain.vedrenne@free.fr
  In chel di` si favelave...

> (EN: Yes, it's clear that you wish some help, but I'm affraid individuals can
> hardly help you because your request is somewhat vague, so far. Please be more
> specific, and I hope you will succeed. Good luck.)

Uh, i try to be more clear... there's a esperanto conference, i think
that would be a good idea (for free software, for debian, ...) to have
a little lab/boot with 5/6 computers that speak esperanto.

If i had known esperanto i'll had installed debian, switch LANG to eo
and look at the result. But i don't know esperanto, so i'm not able to
evaluate if the translation are sufficient, good, usable, ...

Clearly mine is a spot (reclàme? ;) of debian on a non-tecnical
conference, if the spot are looking-bad, could also achive opposite
result... ;(((

I hope now i'm clear.

> (However, learning Esperanto is easy and fun.

Sorry, i can't. ;(

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