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debian esperanto booth possible?

[sorry, i'm not an esperantista nor subscribed to this list, so please
reply in english (or italian ;) and put me on CC, thanks]

In my little town Cimpello (north-east of italy) a local association
will take an esperanto meeting, around the former preach of Cimpello,
don Giacomo Bianchini, as we known a well-known esperantista.
[i've found a reference in google, only a row in

I'm trying to understend if there's possible to setup a booth with some
computers that will speak esperanto.
I see that woody have esperanto language (also in install!), but i need
clearly some modern distribution. I've seen on sarge there's a
/usr/share/locale/eo/ subdir.

As you know, there's some live-cd distribution (knoppix, ubuntu-live)
that support esperanto?
[apart the ease of a live cd, i can also burn some copy of this live cd
to the people coming...]

Apart general (gnome, ...) transaltions, there's a browser (mozilla,
firefox, ...) and openoffice translated into esperanto?

State more clear: if now i setup a sarge (or debian-based distribution)
in esperanto language, i can get a decent esperanto language or not?

Please, say me. ;)

Many thanks.

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