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Re: debian esperanto booth possible?


Marco Gaiarin <gaio@sv.lnf.it> writes:

> State more clear: if now i setup a sarge (or debian-based distribution)
> in esperanto language, i can get a decent esperanto language or not?

Honestly, do you know of any other OS that might have a better Esperanto
environment that GNU/Linux and other free OSes?

Here is what I can see in my Esperanto message directory (unstable):

  diffutils.mo          gnome-vfs-2.0.mo  libgnomecanvas-2.0.mo  texinfo.mo
  glib20.mo             gnupg.mo          libgnomeui-2.0.mo      xmms.mo
  gnome-desktop-2.0.mo  grep.mo           menu-sections.mo
  gnome-mime-data.mo    indent.mo         mutt.mo
  gnome-session-2.0.mo  libbonobo-2.0.mo  recode.mo

Now, I don't know whether OOo has been translated.

Obviously, anyone can volunteer to help further the translation

Ankaux mi kredas, ke oni povas paroli esperante cxi tie.  :-)

Gxis !


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