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Re: debian esperanto booth possible?

Mandi! Ludovic Courtès
  In chel di` si favelave...

> Honestly, do you know of any other OS that might have a better Esperanto
> environment that GNU/Linux and other free OSes?
> Here is what I can see in my Esperanto message directory (unstable):

I know that, but (remember, i don't know esperanto! ;) i'm asking the
quality of the translations.
Eg, if the base things are well translated, so there's a base (gnome?)
environment and some tools could be right.
But if there's some sparse apps, and for these apps only some strings now
and then translated, this is not very good.

I hope i'm clear. I'm not able to value the quality of the translation,
and i'm asking some help. ;)

> Now, I don't know whether OOo has been translated.

I've seend the Jean-Charles message about http://eo.openoffice.org/,
but i don't know esperanto (again!) so i've not understood nothing,
even if and where to download a localized version of openoffice, or a
language pack. ;)
[there's a free translation tool/website from esperanto to some other

> Obviously, anyone can volunteer to help further the translation
> effort...

Clearly, but i've to learn esperanto first, and this is not on top of
my todo-list... ;-)))

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