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Re: dpkg-cross knobs (was Re: Crush 2.0 abandoned)

Hi Simon,

2009/8/12 Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org>:
> If a sysroot is specified, the compiler needs to look at
> -I <SYSROOT>/usr/include/$DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE     (multiarch)
> -I <SYSROOT>/usr/$DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE/include     (old style)
> -I <SYSROOT>/usr/include                        (sysroot)
> The second will most likely not exist and could in theory be omitted.
> If no sysroot is given, the list is
> -I /usr/include/$DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE              (multiarch)
> -I /usr/$DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE/include              (old style)
> So we don't actually gain anything from using the sysroot support to find
> the target includes/libraries.

Don't we get better support from autotools and other build systems for
cross using sysroot?
BTW, I was just pointing to enable sysroot for the case before multiarch.


 Héctor Orón

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