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Re: dpkg-cross knobs (was Re: Crush 2.0 abandoned)


On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 09:54:17AM +0200, Hector Oron wrote:

> > So we don't actually gain anything from using the sysroot support to find
> > the target includes/libraries.

> Don't we get better support from autotools and other build systems for
> cross using sysroot?

If you use sysroot internally (i.e. have the cross compiler use a default
sysroot), the build systems won't see it; if you use it in a visible way,
people would need to pass

CC='arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc --sysroot=/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi'

which is even less supported.

Someone (I believe it was Nick) pointed out that the latter method is quite
interesting for people who want to use the cross compilers from emdebian,
but point it to their chroot with their custom builds. That is, the
toolchain should default to cross-building against the libraries provided
in Debian packages (multiarch and dpkg-cross) and accept a --sysroot
parameter for building against something that possibly is not Debian (but
might be, or might be using multiarch at least, so we need support for

> BTW, I was just pointing to enable sysroot for the case before multiarch.

We will need to support multiarch in the next two weeks anyway, as eglibc
is switching to it.


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