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Crush 2.0 abandoned

For reasons of ill health, I am forced to reduce my Emdebian workload
substantially. This means that I will be focusing on Grip and no longer
driving any development of cross-building support in Debian or Emdebian

This is *not* open for debate or negotiation, any pleas or complaints
are only likely to make my future contributions smaller. The decision
has been hard enough as it is, I don't need people nagging me or trying
to persuade me to change my mind. I must reduce my total workload by at
least one to two hours every single day and that has consequences. I
simply no longer have time to work on Crush 2.0 and that's final. (I
have been pointing out that this was a possible outcome for months. Two
weeks in hospital just forced my hand.)

There is now no realistic chance of Emdebian Crush being released
alongside Debian 6.0 (squeeze). Even if someone does step up now, it is
most likely too late as the amount of work required means that any
volunteers will need to be up to speed almost immediately and I don't
have time to answer huge numbers of queries on what needs to be done.
Most of the issues are described on the EmdebianCodeAudit pages on the
wiki, the rest you'll find out for yourself when you start building

There is also little realistic chance that cross-building support in
general will improve, indeed it is likely that unless someone takes
over, it will only get worse.

I'm looking for co-maintainers (who should already be Debian
Developers, not just because of the uploads but because of the breadth
of experience necessary when coping with all the varied build systems
within Debian) of core Emdebian packages too:

	(not emdebian-grip or emdebian-archive-keyring)
emdebian-rootfs (possibly, although I'll keep developing multistrap).

Necessarily, co-maintainers also need good perl skills and will need to
have commit access to the Emdebian SVN repo (ask Wookey for that).
emdebian-rootfs requires good perl, bash and POSIX shell skills.

I'll file RFH bugs against these packages in the next few days, as well
as announcing the change on debian-devel.

On a positive note, this does mean that Grip development will pick up
and that a much wider range of packages will be available in Grip 2.0.


Neil Williams

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