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Re: cross toolchains and etch toolchain sources

Wookey wrote:
> Well done Alexander. It is better than I thought - 4.1 was not
> cross-building at all for me last time I tried a few months back. And
> 4.0 was broken for mips and mipsel (IIRC). 

4.0 worked for me as mips-linux compiler at some point, FWIW.

> Anyone got time to do the same tests for 3.4?
> Are 3.3 and 4.0 going to remain in etch as well? Do we need to
> maintain these versions as being cross-buildable or is 3.4 and 4.1
> sufficient?

The hope is they can be removed. AFAIK the important rdepends left on
4.0 are kernel and glibc, both should be fixable for etch.

For 3.3 there a a few more users, to some degree due to lack of
maintenance for some packages since sarge.


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