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Re: cross toolchains and etch toolchain sources

On 7/29/06, Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> wrote:
Toolchain source is definately deprecated, and has been for some time
- a year or two - since it became possible to build from the normal
source. The only problem with removing it completely is the case
where you want to build an 'unusual' cross-toolchain. Something like
gcc-avr-linux or a candian cross or anything else not supported by
the current scheme. Then I think you still need to start from
toolchain-source. Gyrosgeier has been thinking about this I think.
Well, source package still *does* provide the source code, doesn't it.
If one can build a canadian cross toolchain from toolchain-source, I
don't see why one can't do the same using just gcc/binutils/glibc
source packages. There are even binary packages providing gcc sources.

We should certainly make it clear that toolchain-source is not
normally the right place to start anymore.
Perhaps, it's a good time to make a call for opinions.

I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally.

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