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Re: cross toolchains and etch toolchain sources

On 7/28/06, Eric Cooper <ecc@cmu.edu> wrote:
Are these cross-tools built from the regular source packages, with
different build parameters, or via the toolchain-source package?  (If
the former, is there a HOWTO somewhere?)
No, those are built from source packages.
And yes, there is a howto page: http://www.emdebian.org/tools/crosstools.html
It is somewhat dated, but you still get the idea.

There was a recent question about toolchain-source on debian-devel,
for example.  If using the regular packages results in a better set of
cross-tools, perhaps toolchain-source should be deprecated somehow in
etch, or at least some README information added to that package?
Yeap, there were several discussions regarding toolchain-source
package. I think it was agreed that the package is no longer used and
can be safely dropped.

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