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Re: [rant] Re: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 00:35:47 +0200, David Kastrup <dak@gnu.org> said:

> Peter S Galbraith <p.galbraith@globetrotter.net> writes:
>> David Kastrup <dak@gnu.org> wrote:
>>> The Emacs documentation is far more integrated into its normal
>>> operation than with other tools.  It does not make sense to separate
>>> them.
>> Right.  One wonders why they have to be under different licenses.

> Because the manual is also distributed in printed form.

Is that the only reason?  Why not dual-license, then?

> And the GPL is not really well-suited for publications in print: the
> obligation to provide the full source code at cost means additional
> obligations for a publisher, impacting the work flow and the price of
> the end result, even though no sane person would actually have a use
> for the source of that _particular_ publication instead of the one
> accompanying his copy of Emacs.

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