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Re: future of emacs20

Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org> writes:
> Hmm.  One problem I have is that the "new" scrollbars are actually a
> loss functionality-wise.  Being able to scroll up or down with
> left/right clicks is useful...

I agree about the button functionality -- I think the GTK scrollbars suck
functionally (as almost all mac-derived scrollbars do) -- but I use the
GTK version anyway, because it really does look better, and feel more
`integrated' (it's just appearance for the most part, but, well, that

Morever, my original exposure to scrollbars was in ATK (which use the
same click functions as the native emacs scrollbar), and then later
xterm (ditto); I think an `average' user is much more likely to be used
to the GTK-style scrollbars, because for better or for worse they're
pretty much the standard now.

> Also, I'm hesitant to require GTK just to run Emacs under X, but we'll
> see.

I agree, the dependency is a bit annoying, though I expect it's fairly
rare these days to have X installed but not libgtk.

> I'm not looking forward to it, but if it's the best solution, I might
> compromise with emacsXY and emacsXY-gtk or something...

Perhaps it's best to simply give up the idea of a `default' build, and
have `emacsXY-xaw3d', `emacsXY-gtk', `emacsXY-nox', etc.  That way the
difference is a bit more obvious (and you're spared the burden of
defending your choice of default... :-)

[I wish there was some way of `perturbing' the default package
 selections/suggestions, e.g., have gnome/gtk + emacs => emacs-gtk,
 X11-but-no-gnome/gtk + emacs => emacs-xaw3d, no-X11-at-all + emacs =>
 emacs-nox, etc.]

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