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Re: future of emacs20

Scott Blachowicz <scott+debian@sabami.seaslug.org> wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith <p.galbraith@globetrotter.net> wrote:
> > Still, the fact that some users want to staick with emacs20 forever
> > doesn't mean it has to be a Debian package.  :-)
> > Although having it work with all the packaged elisp stuff is a good
> > thing.
> One thing I've wanted before is the ability to integrate my own locally
> built version of emacs into the packages elisp stuff. On one system
> (that I don't have any more), I'd hacked up various files to give me a
> "xemacs21-local" flavor of xemacs21. If there were some documentation or
> general support for doing such things, it might make it easier to support
> emacs20 (or pre-release emacs23 in the future or whatever) on individual
> systems without over-complicating the Debian package maintenance issues.
> Is that anywhere close to doable/reasonable?

I think that's a fantastic idea.

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