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Re: Client time/date synchronisation

Hi Roman,

[ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-04-27 ]
> However, I noticed that the value of FAT_RAM_THRESHOLD is ignored. All 
> devices whether they have more or less than 1000KB of RAM boot as 
> "thin client". Somehow it's acting like setting 
> LTSP_FATCLIENT="False". The threshold value was working well for me in 
> earlier installations of Debian Edu.

Please check if you still have LTSP_FATCLIENT="False" in LDAP (or 
somewhere else).
> Also, rebuilding the image seems to have reduced the content of the 
> menu tree appearing when clicking Applications. It now starts with 
> "Settings" and ends with "System".

Strange. Any other changes done?
Does this also happen if using a fresh account?


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