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Re: Client time/date synchronisation

[ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-04-21 ]
> I have added the suggested line to LDAP. It looks like this now:
> 121 cn=ltspConfigDefault,ou=ltsp,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no
> objectClass: ltspClientConfig
> cn: ltspConfigDefault
> ltspConfig: KEEP_SYSTEM_SERVICES=lightdm
> ltspConfig: LTSP_FATCLIENT="False"
> ltspConfig: TIMESERVER=ntp
> After this, my client still boots as "diskless workstation" and the 
> content of /run/ltsp/ltsp_config_env shows LTSP_FATCLIENT="True" 
> instead of "False".

That's weird, but I expected something like this because ntp.conf was 
left unchanged according to your report.

There should be LTSP_FATCLIENT="True" in ltsp_config_env before the 
three mentioned settings, but LTSP_FATCLIENT="False" at the end 
(overriding the first occurence).
> Are changes to LDAP validated on-the-fly upon save or do I need to add 
> another step like commit, rebuilding the image, etc.?

No additional step needed. During LTSP client boot, some scripts are 
executed to configure the client (overlay filesystem). The scripts are 
located in the /usr/share/ltsp/init-ltsp.d/ directory inside the 
SquashFS image resp. in /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ltsp/init-ltsp.d/

Please check those places.


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