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Re: Client time/date synchronisation

Hi Roman,

[ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-04-21 ]
> I also played around with LDAP unsuccessfully trying to increasing the 
> threshold for my clients to boot as thin client.

Maybe it doesn't take effect anymore for some reason…
But you should be able to do this by setting the client type in LDAP

ltspConfig: LTSP_FATCLIENT="False"

You should be able to see the environment variables actually used:
cat /run/ltsp/ltsp_config_env (diskless workstation)

If running a thin client, log in graphically as first user. Then switch 
to a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F1), log in as first user, run 'sudo su -' to 
become root and run 'cat /run/ltsp/ltsp_config_env' and maybe check 
other things, too.
> That's all I can remember. Is the log file I sent not helpful?

I can't find anything suspicious… 


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