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About "chroot" term ja translation.

To: Debian Edu team

Mind if I ask about "chroot" term?

* I know a bit about chroot itself; once I was a Gentoo user.

* IMHO, Japanese version should have explicit separation
  between "chroot" as a command
      and "chroot" as a part of filesystem.

* It seems many Japanese techs uses "chroot環境" for the latter,

  "環境" = "environment" >= "filesystem".

  IMHO, it sounds natural as a Japanese expression.

  + "chrootファイルシステム" = "chroot filesystem" is too long,

  + "chroot監獄" = "chroot jail" is used by security tech people
     but ("jail") sounds not proper for Debian Edu, I guess.

* So I'm adding "環境".

  e.g.) ja_term("LTSP chroot") -> ja_term("LTSP chroot環境")

* As a command, "chroot" is "chroot", of course.

If I am doing wrong, please tell me.


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