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Re: enable Japanese in weblate (Re: Content and translation status for the debian-edu-buster manual)

To: Holger Levsen
Cc: Debian Edu team

Thank you for you quick reply.

On 5/8/19 11:43 PM, Holger Levsen wrote:
On Wed, May 08, 2019 at 11:32:39PM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
I just started using some weblate "suggestion" and
"comment" features recently,
with the English manual side-by-side.

So, maybe some of my "early Saved ones" are not good,
since I had no idea about the layouts and contexts.

If you feel any strange/fuzzy one, please tell me, too.
I can learn from it.
I think only Japanese speakers can judge

(I also believe your latest changes havent been merged back from
Weblate, thats something Frans or Mike can&will do.)

Thank you telling me about it.
I had a bit worry about my Weblate usage was wrong.

I'll check at the page by myself.
Weblate is very nice but sometimes I do need to read the manual
as it is, not only the pieces.

Anyway I do want to build and use Debian-Edu itself. It's so cool.

BTW my new "gateway" hardware component is now under DRAM testing.
After that, I will be able to start building,


* gateway: amd64 2NIC with SSD.
* L2 switch
* main server: amd64 4core 32GB DRAM, NVMe.
* workstation: amd64 2core 8GB, SSDs with removable bay.

sounds good.

Okay, I'll go with them.

I'm now considering some minimum but technically identical test env,
say, Debian-Edu without educational apps.

I'm not so familiar with those multi-network and LDAP managements.

Any suggestions, tips, comments, help me so much.

and keep asking the debian-edu list if you have questions...! :)

Got it.

Thank you, again. Have a nice day.


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