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Re: Migration of debian-edu metapackages to Salsa

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 02:09:41PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> ACK.


and SORRY for my harsh words, i overreacted and i want to apologize.

surely i've been upset because i asked three times not to do the move
and then when i gave in, i asked to please also and *first* to ask the
alioth admins to rename the group to remove the -team suffix. and then,
this doesnt happen but instead there's a mail "i'll migrate the repos"

and while this is my (biased) recollection of events, this, or whatever,
is no excuse to YELL. sorry!

so, as i still wont have any time to work on this til the minidebconf, i
would like those wanting to push this migration, to

1. put this list on the wiki
2. make sure the debian-edu-team group on salsa gets renamed to
   debian-edu. (this needs a ticket on salsa)
3. move the repos
4. ideally check for packages which are not useful anymore (and dont
   migrate those repos?)
5. send a patch to the jenkins.debian.net.git maintainers (there's a
   team) to update the jobs to use those new repos.
6. make sure those jenkins jobs are triggered by pushes to salsa
7. update pages on wiki.debian.org to reflect the new repo urls, this
   not only means the buster and stretch manual (maybe jessie too?) but
   also pages like https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/Git and
8. bonus points if you also update the translations of debian-edu-doc
   and unfuzzy the strings there
9. make sure weblatte is updated to the new repo urls
10. use podebconf-report-po to inform the translators of
    src:debian-edu-install, src:debian-edu-config and src:debian-edu-doc
    about the new repo URLs
11. make sure this list on the wiki is empty again.

As said, I'm happy if you do this, it doesnt have to be done all in one
day, but please dont just do step #3 and think you are done. 

*I will not fixup things* until the Mini DebConf. And I will also not
find the time to write any more replies about this til then, cause I
fail to write good mails if I dont take time.

Oh, and the above list may be incomplete :-)


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