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Re: DVD image for Stretch?

On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 08:59:14PM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Holger Levsen]
> > some documentation for tasks.ctl would probably help here ;)
> It isn't really tasks.ctl that control this, it is debian-cd and our use
> of it.


>  tasks.ctl only control the order 'make packages.txt' output
> tasks.  We use the list of packages to fill the ISO, until the ISO reach
> the size limit we set on our CONF* files.


>  When that I said, I assume
> tasks.ctl is documented in the blends documentation. :)

I won't bet on that ;)

> > I'm actually not so sure… xfce+lxde+mate are pretty small…
> Give it a try, and see what happen. :)
done so

> > How much is the actual size of a real Bluray ISO (not "Blueray"…) an
> > issue? I expect 0 people to burn actual Blurays and rather think
> > people will use USB media instead… (so 16GB is quite common…)
> We can raise the limit for sure.  A bigger problem is the lack of spare
> disk space on our build host.  We do not have temp space for building
> many images.

holger@administrator:/skolelinux/administrator/ftparchive/skolelinux-cd$ du -sch jessie-alpha0-release/ jessie-beta1-release/ wheezy/older-alpha+betas/
655M	jessie-alpha0-release/
5.6G	jessie-beta1-release/
20G	wheezy/older-alpha+betas/
26G	total

I'd vote for just deleting those, definitly the wheezy ones…

holger@administrator:/skolelinux/administrator/ftparchive/skolelinux-cd$ du -sch older older-very/
22G	older
38G	older-very/
59G	total

we could save older (squeeze) and older-vary (lenny, sarge & woody) elsewhere,
eg. archive.org.

> > Another question: are changes to tasks.ctl in debian-edu.git
> > immediatly used for building the images or does it need a
> > src:debian-edu upload?
> It take effect immediately, see build/CD-administrator/wanted-list.  So
> it is fairly quick to experiement.



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