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Re: DVD image for Stretch?

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> So to be able to install one or more Debian Edu supported DEs using the 
> USB ISO image w/o internet connectivity, tasks.ctl should IMO contain:
> priority-high:education-desktop-other
> priority-high:education-desktop-kde
> priority-high:education-desktop-gnome
> priority-high:education-desktop-xfce
> priority-high:education-desktop-lxde
> priority-high:education-desktop-mate

I doubt that make sense.  We want more control over the cutoff point.
So -other should be first, and probably only one of the others should
have high priority, the one we want as the default desktop.  I assume
here we want all the mainserver software on the ISO ahead of optional
desktop packages.

> I'm just wondering which size the ISO would have...

The size is that of a Blueray ISO.  This make me doubt all these
desktops would make it into the ISO.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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