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Re: DVD image for Stretch?

[Holger Levsen]
> some documentation for tasks.ctl would probably help here ;)

It isn't really tasks.ctl that control this, it is debian-cd and our use
of it.  tasks.ctl only control the order 'make packages.txt' output
tasks.  We use the list of packages to fill the ISO, until the ISO reach
the size limit we set on our CONF* files.  When that I said, I assume
tasks.ctl is documented in the blends documentation. :)

>> > I'm just wondering which size the ISO would have...
>> The size is that of a Blueray ISO.  This make me doubt all these
>> desktops would make it into the ISO.
> I'm actually not so sure… xfce+lxde+mate are pretty small…

Give it a try, and see what happen. :)

> How much is the actual size of a real Bluray ISO (not "Blueray"…) an
> issue? I expect 0 people to burn actual Blurays and rather think
> people will use USB media instead… (so 16GB is quite common…)

We can raise the limit for sure.  A bigger problem is the lack of spare
disk space on our build host.  We do not have temp space for building
many images.

> Another question: are changes to tasks.ctl in debian-edu.git
> immediatly used for building the images or does it need a
> src:debian-edu upload?

It take effect immediately, see build/CD-administrator/wanted-list.  So
it is fairly quick to experiement.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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