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Re: Free Tools Question

Hola Juan Rafael,

Nice to meet you! These are very interesting resources, I'll look at them closely.

We wrote a manual for using the pootle system to translate Sugar [1].
In our case, our target are translators for native latin american languages.
They are more comfortable with an online (web) tool, as it simplifies our workflow with them. They always have the option of using a .po file editor for working offline, and uploading it straight into the system. The main challenge is keeping all the cron/custom scripts to sync with git, plus it's a django app which I am not very familiar with internally, but it does the job.

Looking forward to collaborating more (most likely further integrating native languages upstream, but looking to help debian too).

[1] http://pe.sugarlabs.org/ir/Manual%20de%20Traducci%C3%B3n%20de%20Sugar

On 16/05/15 11:40, Juan Rafael Fernández García wrote:
Some reading:


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