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Re: Free Tools Question

[Edgardo Rios Alanis]
> I am wondering if possible to continue working on the Spanish
> translation of "debian-edu-doc" using free tools.

Which editor to use to edit the .po file is entirely up to the people
translating to Spanish.  The other two, Norman García and Rafael Rivas,
decided to go with Transifex 2015-03-26, and I am sure the would be
eager to hear your feedback on the issue.  But to avoid problems, it is
best if everyone use the same interface, to avoid a lot extra work with
file conflicts, so please decide among the three of you how to continue.

Switching away from Transifex to using git + another po editor would
involve fetching the reviewed and non-reviewed translations and flagging
the non-reviewed translations as fuzzy before storing the result as the
Spanish .po file in git, and finally deleting the Spanish option from

It might be possible to find a work flow that handle mixing the
Transifex editor with other editors, using the tx client, but I suspect
it will be very prone to errors.

> Of course, I do not know how difficult this could be, anyway, in case
> this is possible, it will be great if someone out there can point me
> where to begin my reading on using free tools for this matter.

I would recommend you start by testing the workflow in one of the other
debian-edu packages, for example the d-e-config or d-e-install packages,
and see if how you like it, before we do the extra work of switching

The current Norwegian translators of debian-edu-doc found the current
alternatives to Transifex a burden that kept them away from translating,
and was very happy when they no longer had to handle commit conflicts.
Once we switched to Transifex, they said they finally felt productive
and no longer scared about doing something wrong.  But everyone have
different thresholds there, so each translation group get to decide on
their own. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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