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Re: Jessie installation working again

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Great,
> which installation media/image did you use?

I use <URL:http://ftp.skolelinux.org/cd-edu-testing-nolocal-netinst/>,
available via HTTP, FTP and rsync.

The Diskless workstation installation should finish now and should
boot out of the box the day after tomorrow (no longer hang during boot
- bug #757767 is fixed and enter jessie in two days).

The Main Server installation hang waiting for a bind9 restart, and the
Thin Client Server installation fail completely because the CD isn't
mounted when it need it (bug #758500).  The Minimal and Workstation
profiles seem to install, but hang too during boot thanks to #757767.
I suspect something is wrong with autofs for the latter two, though.

The self testing of a installed Main Server report several problems
with LDAP, Kerberos, CUPS and Apache.  I suspect there is lots of work
left before we have it properly working. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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