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Re: Jessie installation broken - systemd migration and partman

[Mike Gabriel]
> Hi Petter,


> The question is: why does sysvinit-core get installed at all in the
> first place? If I see it correctly, systemd should be installed
> right away. Or am I missing something?

It is installed by debootstrap in d-i.

> We should try to leave that as it is IMHO.

Is this another way to say we should leave the Debian Edu Jessie setup
broken and untestable until someone else fixes unrelated stuff in
Debian, or did you have something else in mind?

I've tested a bit more, and when using --allow-remove, pkgsel is able
to install our packages.  The next blocker is grub being unable to
find the partitions.  I used lilo instead, which was able to install
into the hard drive.  When the installer was done and the system
booted from the hard drive, the boot got started but no login prompt
showed up.  No idea why, nor how to debug it. :(

So to summarize, these are the blockers for testing Debian Edu in
Jessie right now:

 - problems with partitioning in d-i (perhaps LVM or automatic
   partition related)

 - problems with pkgsel because debootstrap install sysvinit and
   pkgsel want to switch to systemd.

 - problems with grub being unable to find the file system partitions.

 - problems after first boot, no login prompt show up.  Perhaps
   systemd related?

I suspect most of them are independent problems (partitioning and grub
might be related).

The Jessie freeze is close, and we have not yet tested the installed
system.  I guess we have a lot of work left before we have anything
that is releasable. :/

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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