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Jessie installation working again (Was: Jessie installation broken - systemd migration and partman)


I am happy to report that the Debian Edu Jessie installation is
working again.  At least to the point where it is possible to test the

The partitioning issues are fixed.  It was caused by API changes in
parted affecting several partman related udebs.  See
<URL: https://bugs.debian.org/757417 > and related issues for the
details.  There is a new issue blocking reinstallation, which I work
around by wiping the virtual disk and starting with a fresh disk.
Someone need to address <URL: http://bugs.debian.org/757818 > to fix

The pkgsel issue (installing debian-edu-install switched to systemd)
is fixed.  I believe the fix was that the default boot system on Linux
is systemd, but am not sure.

The grub issue was probably me misunderstanding how grub work.  I
expected grub to figure out where to install itself when the machine
only had one hard drive.  It no longer does, and the issue is reported
as <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/712907 >. :( When writing/selecting
/dev/sda on the prompt, grub installation work for me.

After boot, the boot hang because of <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/754218 >.
A workaround is to boot using init=/bin/bash and apply the patch
provided in <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/757767 >.  After this, the
boot no longer hang.  We need to update debian-edu-config in Jessie to
fix this properly.

The connection to the LDAP server do not work after boot.  The pynslcd
package is not working.  No idea why, but running 'apt-get install
nslcd' solve it.  Someone need to look into what is going on here.

After these fixes, Minimal and Workstation installation work (I have
so far tested those and Main-Server).  Main-Server do not work because
of <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/757558 >, soon to show up in Jessie.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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