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Re: Jessie installation broken - systemd migration and partman

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> So to summarize, these are the blockers for testing Debian Edu in
> Jessie right now:
>  - problems with partitioning in d-i (perhaps LVM or automatic
>    partition related)

Fixes for this was uploaded a few hours ago.  I hope they are ready
for testing tomorrow.

>  - problems with pkgsel because debootstrap install sysvinit and
>    pkgsel want to switch to systemd.

Still present. :(

> - problems with grub being unable to find the file system
>   partitions.

When testing a second time, I took the time to actually read the
message presented by grub-installer, and now believe the problem
actually was <URL: https://bugs.debian.org/712907 >, grub-installering
no longer being able to find the only disk presented in the machine

>  - problems after first boot, no login prompt show up.  Perhaps
>    systemd related?

The hanging script is /etc/init.d/networking, and after checking a bit
and asking on #debian-boot, I believe we are seeing a variation of
<URL: https://bugs.debian.org/754218 >.  Not quite sure exactly which
hook is causing it.  A workaround to get going without proper network
setup is to boot using init=/bin/bash, remount / read-writable and
take out all network entries from /etc/network/interfaces.

Installing a Minimal profile do not give a machine with the LDAP
integration in place.  The nslcd package is not installed and the
daemon is not running.  A pynslcd package is installed instead, and I
suspect it isn't properly configured by us.  Installing nslcd get the
LDAP integration (id username) working.  Not quite sure why pynslcd is
installed instead of nslcd.  I guess we will find other problems as we
get going with the testing.  I would like to switch to sssd instead of
lib*-ldapd myself, to get what appear to me as a more robust system.


Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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