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Re: Disk out of space in /var while installing Terminal Server profile

[Mike Gabriel]
> So, I would add some more 1.6gb or so to /var (to have some
> reserves). I will reinstall the LTSP server now and do a
> lvextend/resizefs manually after the partitions have been created,
> so I will report back if the plus of 1.6gb is sufficient.

What did you figure out?

I am testing a PXE installation of an thin client server right now,
and noticed something bad.  The /var/ partition is 3.6 GiB according
to 'df -h', while the partman recipe ask for minimum 3904 MiB on the
partition.  That is 5.5 percent smaller than it should have been. :(

But I'll keep an eye on the installation and see how much disk space
is really needed, and adjust the code in svn to try to avoid the

While testing, I also discovered that the main-server partitioning
recipe is a bit too small, causing automatic extention of /usr/ after
boot - in other words, nothing serious, only annoying.  Also fixing
this in svn, to get it into the first update.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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