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Re: Disk out of space in /var while installing Terminal Server profile

[Mike Gabriel]
> What happens is that APT checks what would be installed (many
> packages are listed) and what it needs to download for that (I used
> the PXE based installation method for the installation) and that it
> then thinks /var(/cache/apt/archive) is too small for all those .deb
> files to be downloaded.

How much space was needed?  The minumum requirement sent to partman
should be adjusted.

> As debian-edu-fsautoresizetab takes care of this in the background,
> we probably should teach APT to ignore its own disk space
> calculations.

As LVM now hangs when debian-edu-fsautoresizetab try to run in the
background during the installation, it had to be disabled. :( So this
isn't the case any more.

> Any idea on this? I guess this problem might also occur during
> installation from the CDNetinst installer. Only the DVD/USB iso
> provides enough packages that this message might not occur. But
> these last sentences are pure speculations.

It depend on how close we are to the limit, as the packages on the ISO
do not need space in /var/.  Also, as Wolfgang pointed out, it will
only trigger with a very small disk.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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