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Disk out of space in /var while installing Terminal Server profile


I just tried to install a terminal server + workstation profile (beta2 wheezy, of course, desktop=xfce) and the LTSP builder failed with APT panicing of running out of space on /var/cache/apt/archive.

What happens is that APT checks what would be installed (many packages are listed) and what it needs to download for that (I used the PXE based installation method for the installation) and that it then thinks /var(/cache/apt/archive) is too small for all those .deb files to be downloaded. As debian-edu-fsautoresizetab takes care of this in the background, we probably should teach APT to ignore its own disk space calculations.

Any idea on this? I guess this problem might also occur during installation from the CDNetinst installer. Only the DVD/USB iso provides enough packages that this message might not occur. But these last sentences are pure speculations.



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